Laadpaal neutraal elektrisch rijden auto
Gerd Altmann via Pixabay BY-NC-SA

A Public Stack for charging electric vehicles

Because of the increasing use of electric vehicles it is important to investigate how we use electric vehicles and how we organize the underlying charging infrastructure in a way that it remains accessible to everyone. In this project, we investigate the charging infrastructure for charging electric vehicles (EVs) as the energy and mobility sector is increasingly becoming data-driven. We used the Public Stack model, that has the purpose to reveal layers of technology and strengthen public values. Citizens  – EV drivers but also others who are influenced by the charging infrastructure – play a central role and decisions are taken for a public interest.

Download the Public Stack about charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Dutch (including a recommendation letter):

  1. Main report ‘Een Public Stack voor laadinfrastructuur. Elektrische auto’s opladen met eerlijke technologie en een up-to-date democratisch proces’.

  2. Quickscan Relevante projecten en initiatieven voor laadinfrastructuur

  3. Long read ‘Wat is er aan de hand in laadpalenland?’

  4. Recommendations for local governments (in Dutch)

Would you find it interesting to brainstorm with us about this topic? Please let us know by contacting gro.gaaw@eihpos, project manager Code.

This research took place commissioned by RVO for Topsector Energie as a request for the program 'Digitalisering'.