Commissioned by the RVO, Waag is developing a Public Stack for an increasingly serious part of our power supply: the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.

To get a grip on the digital transition, Waag has prepared a roadmap together with the Dutch parliament commission on digitalization. This roadmap proposes the model of Public Stack as a way of designing alternative, fair and open internet applications.

The increasing use of electric vehicles poses new technological and social questions. The current energy network does not have the capacity to charge all future electric cars. In addition, with the emergence of new smart charging technology, the influence of tech companies on the design of this infrastructure is increasing.

Electric charging and return are expected to become a data and algorithm driven matter. It is intertwined with smart energy grids and 'mobility as a service'. This linkage is driven by (expectations regarding) new technology, with market parties in particular having influence. Government and citizens are at risk of falling behind. Therefore, there is a risk that the benefits of the energy transition concerning the charging infrastructure will accumulate for private parties, instead of delivering broad, public added value.

It is therefore important to investigate how we use electric vehicles and how we organize the underlying charging infrastructure in a way that it remains accessible to everyone. In this project, we investigate the charging infrastructure for charging electric vehicles (EVs) and the (re-)supply of electricity from EVs, with the following question:

What does the Public Stack for the charging infrastructure look like?

In answering this question, we use the model that Waag previously developed for the Dutch parliament commission on digitalization (as referenced above). The framework of the roadmap helps us to look at the issue. We design a framework surrounding the way Public Stack of the charging infrastructure should look. During our research, we conduct in-depth interviews with experts and organise sessions with a sounding board group of experts.

Would you find it interesting to brainstorm with us about this topic? Please let us know by contacting gro.gaaw@eihpos, project manager Code.

Project duration

20 Jul 2020 - 30 Oct 2020




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