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Publication health care special

Waag is involved in several ways in (often international) health care projects. Our Creative Care Lab has edited a special publication on the current themes in health care and the projects it carries out.

This publication (in English) aims at the three central themes of the Lab, being aging well, social connectedness and games for health.

Besides an overview of the current projects of the Care Lab, the special also contains contributions of others, such as the main article by architects Hollwich and Hoffman on housing for the elderly, called "A new age for pioneers". Caro van Dijk (of TU Delft) further elaborates on the role of our senses and architecture and how architectur can help us to stay connected with our environment: "Design for increased awareness".

Furthermore an interview with Jacomine van Veen (Likely) about the "Unchronological life biography", a column of Jet Bussemakers (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) about the role of ICT in health care and space for our design philosophy 'Users as Designers'. And last but not least, the Creative Care Lab publishes their 'Care for Care Manifesto', with some enticing propositions in health care.

Download a copy here