Sample Book
Itsacyn BY-NC-SA

The Sample Book makes textile innovation tangible

The Sample Book made at Fablab Amsterdam includes samples of materials and new technologies to communicate the potentials to textile and fashion designers working at our Fablab. An amazing ray of possibilities is made tangible: a zipper as a light switch, a Drawdio-like textile or curling textile by adding ‘memory wire’. Fablab member 'It’s a Cyn' delivered the Sample Book. 

Innovations in texiles and technology are rapidly evolving. To show and feel these new possibilities of these ‘smart textiles’ the need for tangible real sample, emerged during the CRISP Smart Textile Services project. As a result, we asked 'It’s a Cyn' to develop the Sample Book. This provides a lot of inspiration for adding electronics in clothing or other types of textile, or adding textile to electronic devices. It’s a Cyn did an amazing job: all the documentation can be found online as well with links to the original sources.

The CRISP Smart Textile Services will be gradually adding materials as well. Actually, It’s a Cyn made two books and we invite you to come to our Fablab, test our Sample Book and add some more.