Sjaal bedrukt met 3d geprinte diamanten
Isjah Koppejan BY

Smart Textiles/ Crafting the future op DEAF2012

In the project Smart Textile Services, we work with a colorful palette of partners, including V2. Within this project we research the combination of traditional textile crafts and modern manufacturing technology. During a workshop at DEAF 2012 the same happened, for instance by combining the 3D printing technique with textiles in a two-day workshop. This not only brought tangible prototypes, such as a scarf that was enriched with 3d printed 'diamonds' or a plastic bracelet lined with felt, but also a 'performance' of a 3D printer that was part of a crochet club.

The exhibition also showed inspiring work. For instance the installation 'Irrational Computing' by Ralf Baecker, which is based on semiconductors (one of the main components of IT) which were assembled in an almost traditional way. This gave sufficient material to talk about during the workshop 'Craft the future - Meet the Scene' which DEAF organised. "It was interesting to see what happens when people from different disciplines (such as 3d textile designers and developers) come together. It goes beyond creating new products. Because we document our projects collaboratively online, the process of making stuff changes as well", says Astrid Lubsen, concept developer at Waag.