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Strengthening social initiative in the energy transition

Social initiatives can make a major contribution to the Netherlands' climate goals. Unfortunately, this is not yet workable with current rules and practices. The National Climate Platform (NKP) asked Waag Futurelab to collaboratively explore a new collaboration between government and social initiative. Waag Futurelab conducted this study in collaboration with Energie Samen, Klimaatstichting HIER, LSA Residents, Buurkracht, Natuur en Milieufederaties, Energie A16, Energie van Rotterdam, Warm Heeg and Zuiderlicht.

"What is needed to give social initiative the space it needs to contribute at least 50% of the generation for the built environment and private transport in 2050?" This dreamed future was explored through co-creation sessions, interviews and desk research. This publication identifies what is going well and areas of concern in terms of governance, social structure, legal frameworks, financial instruments and technology. It also sets out conditions for strengthening the position of the civil sector in relation to the public and private sectors.

This exploration forms the basis for the Social Initiative Programme that the National Climate Platform is working on. That programme will be submitted to the new cabinet.

Download the report (dutch)