Third BioHack Academy fully booked

At Waag, we aim to explore emergent technologies and bring them into the public domain.

One of the most exciting frontiers is the growing field of biotechnology, and its implications for engineering, design, and art. As we start to create open source bio factories, we also create a new medium for expression. After the success of the first and second BioHack Academy last year, the third edition is about to start. In this third academy we will work with improved open source devices, and fresh ideas on how we can iterate on the previous programs.

This edition we bring together around 20 biohackers in Amsterdam, from different countries and many disciplines, with the one common goal of hacking biological processes. We look forward to sharing this experience across the US, Denmark, and The Netherlands. Two partnerlabs have already agreed to participate (University of New Mexico and the Mads Clausen Instituttet in Copenhagen), while we receive positive sounds from Brazil, Kenya and Japan, so the number of partnerlabs may even increase.

​It will be up to the participants to explore the possibilities of biohacking. This time, we will be covering topics such as structural bio-informatics, and 3D modelling of protein structures. From mushroom furniture to transforming the human body, this is a time that calls on participants to unleash their creativity.

The second BioHack Academy officially starts on the 23rd of February. We end the academy with a public graduation show for all participants on the 26th of April.