Maakplaats fidged spinner

What makes a fidget spinner spin?

On Friday June 2nd, another FabSchool series of four afternoons by Waag started at the Maakplaats 021 Waterlandplein (Amsterdam-North). This time, they were programmed around the theme of making your own fidget spinner.

And wow, what great results! Many children from the area came to work on their designs and to realise their DIY spinner, the major trend among kids this moment. We found out in which ways you can fabricate a spinner, by exploring the available materials and by utilising the machines and tools at the Maakplaats to create them. Soon, the first prototypes emerged.

But what exactly makes a fidget spinner spin? This question was answered by the various design the children made. From low-tech bottle tops en tooth picks, to high-tech 3D printed parts: everything is possible at the Maakplaats!