Idee tijdens Eclectis week bij Hyperion
Waag BY

Which programming language are you using?

"When making posters, can you better use saturated colours or non-saturated?"
"From the top of the Shell tower (Overhoeks in North), can you use your self-made radio and tv antenna to send movies of aliens to Italy?"
"Who owns the public space?"
"Do you have time for an interview?"

The participating artists are asked these and many more fantastic questions by pupils of the Hyperion Lyceum during our Eclectis project in Amsterdam North (Smart Citizens - Art in progress). In this week, 150 youngsters are researching their environment with DIY toolkits, smartphones and sensors. Guided by international artists and students of (among others) the Willem de Kooning Academy they will communicate their findings by creating artworks in the public space.

Generating energy with mud by building bio reactors? And then, with your own power source, make an artwork with LED lights? Put an infrared lens in a photo camera and build your own spectrometer to measure the health of the vegetation in the area? Map virtual networks and make the invisible visible? Organize flashmobs at the ferry across the IJ to promote the end event and art route? 

Opstellen route

Everything is possible this week! 

Follow the pupils of the Hyperion school on Facebook, on their self-made blog or Twitter (#eclectis) and visit the final event on Friday 20 September! Just € 12,50 to follow the art route with the artists, a 'brainfood' dinner at the school and some workshops as a dessert.




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This project was co-funded by the European Union – Culture program cooperation projects.