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Why moving .nl-domains to Amazon is a bad idea

Waag Futurelab supports Internet Society Netherlands' open letter to SIDN, writing as follows:

"As the board of Internet Society Netherlands (ISOC NL), we deeply regret SIDN's decision to effectively transfer the .nl domain registration system to Amazon Web Services (AWS) (as well as that the explanation to it leaves much to be desired in terms of clarity). This decision is a step away from our core mission of striving for an open, secure and universally accessible internet. It undermines the digital sovereignty and independence of the Netherlands, which is essential for maintaining our national security and protecting the privacy of our citizens."

The transition to a US service provider raises significant questions about service continuity, given the legal and political climates that may affect the accessibility and security of critical Dutch internet infrastructure. SIDN's covenant with the Dutch government emphasises the need to keep this infrastructure within the Netherlands, a principle that seems to be ignored by this decision.  

ISOC NL advocates a reconsideration of this decision by SIDN and calls for an open, transparent dialogue with all stakeholders, including the Dutch registrars who ultimately form the financial pillars of SIDN's operation. An open and transparent tendering process should be central to the search for a new administrator, with a strong preference for European or local providers who can safeguard the digital autonomy of the Netherlands.

This situation highlights the importance of our objectives as set out in our Action Plan 2024 and the Open Letter to Election Programme Committees, in which we call for the preservation of a strong and independent digital infrastructure. Now more than ever, it is crucial that we work together to ensure a future in which the internet remains a safe, open and accessible resource for all Dutch citizens.

We invite SIDN and other stakeholders to work together to find a solution that respects and strengthens the digital sovereignty of the Netherlands. Let us act together to protect the foundations of our internet from decisions that could undermine our national security, privacy and our position in the digital world.

Read the whole letter and all signatories on their the ISOC NL website.