Why reflect on bioterrorism?

The approaching merge of bio and information technology influences the way in which we can alter living organisms and the speed of this development. We understand more about the building blocks of life, and have an increased opportunity to program life (with technologies like CRISPR, read this blog).

A framework to review these developments is just as dynamic as the developments themselves. Therefore, we need an ongoing discussion with ourself and the world: what do we want and where do we stand? And why do we want and think that? Here we have the aim of our series called Het Praktikum (part of the 'Doing it together science' project): to look at the technology and the debate about it — to find out where stand and what we think. In the next episode we will discuss bioterrorism and why it is important to talk about this topic right now. 

In the two meetings of Tuesday 28 March and 4 April we will zoom in on all aspects of this debate, we will examine examples of bioterrorism through the ages and will try to formulate where we stand and what we think that should happen.

Please note: these events are Dutch spoken. More information is available in the Dutch version of this news item.