Chris Julien

  • Senior research fellow
    Chris Julien

    Chris Julien is a senior research fellow at Waag. He founded and led the planet B lab at Waag, which was then continued in Waag's Future Lab efforts. As a member of the management team, Chris was responsible for the collective research agenda and methodology of Waag. He is currently working on projects such as T-Factor, while pursuing a PhD in ecological governance. At Waag, he is also the co-promotor of Creator Doctus Femke Herregraven.

    Before his role at Waag, Chris worked as adjunct director of the Studio 80 foundation, co-founded Novel Creative Consultancy and researched new ways of working at FreedomLab. At this time he is researching the cultural aspects of Artificial Intelligence and he is a committee member at Creative Industries Fund NL, board member of Valley of the Possible, Fiber Festival, and a regular fixture at Red Light Radio with his POP CTRL shows.