The rapid emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) often evokes ominous future scenarios. From a social and democratic perspective, there are currently insufficient tools for a positive discussion about the application of AI. Not the technology itself, but the underlying power structures give cause to be gloomy. This requires research into AI for positive, socially valuable scenarios.

With AI for Society, Waag wants to contribute to a safe, humane and democratic implementation of AI, in which the interests of citizens are central. In the first year, the research focuses on Artificial Personality: what role can and should people play in the interaction between algorithms and data sets? Together with the Sandberg Institute, a Creator Doctus program is set up. Offcourse Studio is involved as a technology partner in researching database and API design.

planet B

AI for Society is part of a series of projects and activities Waag is implementing at Amsterdam Science Park: planet B. Planet B is a place for artistic research and expeditions in which citizens, artists and scientists work together on an inclusive and ecological future.

AI for Society is co-funded by the public-private partnerships allowance for Top consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKIs) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Project duration

1 Nov 2018 - 31 Dec 2019




  • Sandberg Instituut
  • Offcourse Studio



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