Eva Vesseur, photo by Jimena Gauna. Waag Futurelab, 2023.

Eva VesseurLead Maker Education Lab

Eva Vesseur works at Waag Futurelab as lead of the Maker Education Lab. She has a strong vision of learning and education of the future. In the Technological Citizenship project, she investigates how critical making can contribute to social innovation. In the Critical ChangeLabs project, she searches for innovative forms to engage with young people on democracy.

Eva graduated as a scriptwriter and theatre dramaturge and studied educational sciences. With The Education Bureau, she has designed learning concepts for ten years. In 2018, she founded primary school and daycare Klein Amsterdam, where she was director for six years. This school operated according to the concept of 'Learning in Intermediate Space', where creativity, ownership and inclusiveness of the evolving human being are most important.