AAL Forum 2013

From 24-26 September the Ambient Assisted Living Forum 2013 will be held, impacting individuals, society and economic growth. Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is ICT-enabled independent living by using products and services for better lives and functional capability of older adults to promote a healthier lifestyle and to support carers, families and care organizations. It is broadly speaking about older adults and people who take care of them, who will have an existing requirement for ICT solutions dependent on their lifestyle, physical or mental health, now or in the future.

The four main themes for this year’s forum will be:

  • Autonomy, choice and control – AAL solutions impact on individuals – autonomy and ability to choose how to spend their days and live their lives.
  • The aging society – end-user studies and inclusion – Older adults as a collective and integrated part of the society.
  • AAL and the economy – Economic aspects of AAL solutions – economic growth through new ideas, a new branch and new solutions.
  • Programmes and policies in Europe – AAL on the European level – implementation and policy strategies.

Waag participated in the AAL programme with the project Express to Connect. The book 'Connect - Design for an Empathic Society' will be presented at the Forum in an international context.

View the whole programme here.

From 24- 26 September 2013

De Geer Consert & Congress, Norrköping, Sweden


Louis de Geer, Norrköping, Sweden