Amsterdam Transition Town

3-12-12 20:00 - 3-12-12 22:00
Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, 1019 HC Amsterdam

Lucas Evers of Waag will speak at a meeting of 'Amsterdam Transition Town' on 3 December at Pakhuis de Zwijger about the Bijlmer Euro.

Amsterdam Transition Town is a series of meetings about citizens and their city. This third edition will focus on the possibilities of community currency systems as a means to solve social or economic matters. The event is Dutch spoken.

Alternative currencies are everywhere nowadays. Sometimes as an artistic project, but they also function as a serious way of payment in specific neighbourhoods to stimulate social cohesion. A good example is the London Brixton Pound, but in Amsterdam we have the Makkie, the Noppes and the Bijlmer Euro and nationwide the Time/Bank. What role can they play in the communities of Amsterdam and surroundings?

3 December 2012, 20.00 hrs

Pakhuis de Zwijger, expo space
Piet Heinkade 179
1019 HC Amsterdam