DMY Berlin: Creative Lab Happy Health

Marleen Stikker will join the stage at for the a creative lab on 'Happy Health', taking place during the International Design Festival Berlin / DMY 2014 on May 29th 2014 as part of the Staging Healthy Communities program. Staging Healthy Communities focuses on health, the urban environment and lifestyle bringing together designers, experts and stakeholders.

Staging Healthy Communities and the creative lab on Happy Health are closely connected to the concepts of Healthy City and Smart City and focus on the following themes: Motion / Emotion: the motivation and circumstances to be active oneself in relation to the urban and social environment, focusing on wellbeing (‘happiness’) and the prevention of illness; Hybrid Communities: the interaction between physical and digital communities / social networks, concentrating on knowledge and behavior in relation to health; Technology as Change Agent: new technologies that completely change existing products, services and markets, such as big data, sensor, mobile and wearable technologies, and advanced robotics.

Stage: Prof. Dr. Valerie Frissen, Mary-Ann Schreurs, Marleen Stikker, Prof. Dr. Vanessa Evers, Tim Vermeulen, Dingeman Kuilman, Prof. Elizabeth Sikiaridi and Prof. Frans Vogelaar In collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin.

English spoken.


Airport Berlin Tempelhof Tempelhofer Damm / Paradestraße, 12101 Berlin (D)