Expedition: future - Thursday

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Expedition: future - programme for Thursday 23 September


Transformer sessions - Expeditie: toekomst

Artsformation: Transformer sessions

Thursday 23 September | 10:00-18:00 hrs | online event (livestream) | English spoken

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In today's society, our bodies are being quantified, digitised, categorised and used as data for commercial and political gain. Take big tech companies, that sell our data to advertisers, security cameras tracking our every move, or historical databases used to track suspects. 

In these scenarios, our bodies become passive by accepting the fact that we do not have privacy. Can we change these power dynamics? How can we use technology and the arts in order to actively participate in decision-making? 

In three sessions, Waag, Transmediale (Berlin), and FACT (Liverpool) will dive deeper into the subjects of control, trust and responsibility. Join us for these discussions and talks with experts and the public.

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About Expedition: future

Imagine a place that’s a lot like Earth. We’ll call it planet B. Planet B is a place of natural beauty — unspoiled by pollution, unmonitored by satellites, untouched by the hand of human endeavour. 

What would you take to that new place from the earth, and what would you leave behind? 

So, does this mean we're going to leave the earth behind? Did you get caught in the billionaire race towards outer space? Or is this a science fiction party? Nope! But the power of imagination needed for our future, for our planet, is central to Expedition: future - a four-day event filled with workshops, walks, debates, food and music, on various locations in the city.

As a Future Lab for technology and society, Waag is researching how we can create an open, fair and inclusive future. For the last six months, we have asked people in all corners of the Netherlands about their dreams for the future. During Expedition: future, all these individual dreams and visions are brought together in order to create a communal navigator: the collective dreamed future of the Netherlands. Join us!