Future Heritage Lab

Hacking Heritage Lab #1 Bits & Bricks

15-1-17 13:30 - 15-1-17 16:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

This first Hacking Heritage Lab meeting is aimed at the users of the Digital City Amsterdam (DDS), the first online community that started on 15 January 1994. This event is Dutch spoken. For the programme and more information, please consult the Dutch version of this page.

The Digital City (De Digitale Stad, DDS) started on 15 January 1994 as a freenet initiative of cultural centre De Balie and Hack-Tic (what later became internet provider XS4ALL) in Amsterdam. For the first time, internet access was available for a large group of citizens in Amsterdam: 100.000 users were noted in the first half year alone! Modems were rapidly sold out in and around Amsterdam. It was the first online internet community to come to existence.