Inclusive Programming #1

Is programming something you always wanted to try but never got the chance? Do you think the programming world is non-inclusive or it is something too difficult for you? This workshop teaches that programming is fun and everyone can learn it! Waag is hosting this evening by the ClojureBridge organisation.

Admission is free. This workshop is in English.


Inclusive Programming is a free, beginner-friendly series of two workshops teaching the Clojure programming language. The workshops aims to increase diversity in programming by offering free, beginner-friendly workshops to people from underrepresented groups. Clojurebridge events focus on creating welcoming and inclusive environments so that people of all different genders, orientation, ability, age, ethnic group or class can feel welcome and comfortable in our industry.

What can you expect?

You’ll learn fundamental programming concepts in Clojure through practical examples and exercises. Tutors are there to guide you and help you build your first apps. The workshop is open to people who are completely new to programming. You will work in small groups with at least one teacher and one assistant.


We start with a small presentation and practical exercises on code samples. During the exercises the tutors can explain matter if needed. In two events on March 28th and April 11th you will be solving exercises created on already existing code. Students are welcome to join the following workshops and continue with the project they have started.


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam