Innovation for Health 2014

On 11 February the Innovation for Health event will take place at the RAI in Amsterdam, a new and inspiring event about innovations in healthcare and prevention. It provides a unique opportunity to meet leading scientists, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations and to engage with leaders and decision makers in healthcare innovation.

Conceptual Design Award
During the event, the Conceptual Design Award will be handed out on the exhibition floor on 17.30 hrs. One of the projects that will be shown at the exhibition is Mickael Boulay's Measuring less to feel more. Mickael Boulay works as a designer at Waag. The projects in the exhibition will consist of visual concepts that show an innovative solution for a current complex problem within healthcare.

Stress has a high impact on the successful management of diabetes. After field research, Mickael Boulay realized that diabetic people are actually stressed by the device they must use to check their blood sugar level.

The current devices focus strictly on quantifying with numbers, and leave no room for personal feeling, sensation, or subtlety. Instead of numbers, his own vision of this ‘home-care device’ uses the position of a led light to literally expresses how high/low the blood sugar level is. This more intuitive and sensitive language allows people with type II diabetes to relate easier to their blood sugar level while staying in touch with their own sensation. We can develop better tools to take care of our health. According to Boulay, the right tools should be built in tune with our bodies.

The following projects will be shown at the exhibition floor of Innovation for Health 2014:

  • Job Jansweijer - KonneKt
  • Ronald Schlundt Bodien - Four star intermediate between hospital and home 
  • Jamie Lawrence - One piece plastic antimicrobial chair
  • Paula Colchero - Improving the Hospital experience: The Ring Stethoscope
  • Sebastiaan Messemaker - Sound of silence
  • Eveline Visser - The biological clock
  • Renee Scheepers - Revealing Maps of Cancer Care
  • Makiko Shinoda - Playing with senses: Perceptible chess game
  • Mickael Boulay - Measuring less to feel more
  • Annelies Hermsen - Oncoproof food

Following a jury evaluation the best project will be awarded. The jury consists of Mark Bloemendaal (ceo Implementation IQ and Healthcare Innovation Portal), Sabine Wildevuur, (head of Creative Care Lab of Waag), Johan Wagenaar (director and curator of Het Instituut) and led by Prof. Robert Zwijnenberg, director of The Arts and Genomics Centre (TAGC). The Award will be handed out by Prof. Robert Zwijnenberg at 17.30 hours on the exhibition floor.

11 February 2014 at 17.30 hrs.

RAI, Elicium
Europaplein 22, Amsterdam




RAI, Elicium Europaplein 22, Amsterdam