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Launch Responsible Sensing Lab & opening of exhibit 'Senses of Amsterdam'

28-1-21 15:00 - 28-1-21 17:30

On Thursday, January 28, Judith Veenkamp, head of Waag's Smart Citizens Lab, will discuss the influence of corona on surveillance in Amsterdam together with Beryl Dreijer, Privacy Officer CTO and dr. Gerd Kortuem, Professor of Internet of Things at TU Delft.

The panel discussion is part of the official launch of the Responsible Sensing Lab. The online event also marks the opening of ‘Senses of Amsterdam’ at the Studio of NEMO Science Museum: an exhibit about the sensors in the city.

Launching Responsible Sensing Lab

This lab explores how to integrate social values in the design of sensing systems in public space. It is a testbed for conducting rigorous, transparent, and replicable research on how smart technologies placed in public space can be designed in a way that makes the digital city ‘responsible’. The Responsible Sensing Lab (RSL) is a collaboration of AMS Institute and the Digital City program of the City of Amsterdam. More information here.

To celebrate the launch, we would like to invite you to join the interactive livestream of this event. In several online workshops we will talk about what responsible sensing means, and discuss what should be done to design a better, more democratic, and more responsible digital future city.

Keynote speaker Anthony Townsend will discuss the current state of Smart Cities through a livestream from the US. Deputy Mayor Touria Meliani will close the program with the official (virtual) opening of the exhibit.

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