'The OtherAbilities'

Paulien Melis of Care at Waag will give an introduction on MakeHealth at the event 'The OtherAbilities' held at Broedplaats Lely in Amsterdam March 3rd. In a following workshop designers, makers and people with an auditory or visual impairment work on ideas or concepts with which you can experience music or images.

The OtherAbilities is a three-day festival (1-3 March) including an exhibition, performances, talks and a workshop that aims to challenge the ways the culture disciplines our senses and our relation to reality.

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About MakeHealth

In MakeHealth we team up with users. Together with patients, health professionals (in education), hospitals, (young) designers, artists and healthcare entrepreneurs, we explore how stakeholders in healthcare themselves can be creator of solutions, that support the illness and care processes and that contribute significantly to the empowerment of patients.

A next series of MakeHealth Prototyping will start 9 March at Contact Amsterdam.