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planet B expedition meetup #5

Imagine a place that's a lot like Earth...
we'll call it planet B

During the monthly planet B meetings, scientists, artists and citizens are invited to have a dialogue about the social and ecological challenges of our time.

The starting point of each meeting is the artistic work in progress of artists whose research is focused on these challenges. Meetup #5 will take place on Thursday 16 January, at our outpost at Amsterdam Science Park.

The guest of this meetup is Marie van Vollenhoven, founder, artistic director & creator of Infinity Games

Programme expedition meetup #5

12:00 - 12:30 Doors open & lunch 
12:30 - 13:30 Presentation & discussion


About Infinity Games

The concept of The Infinity Games embodies Marie van Vollenhovens philosophy of life. Life is no more or less then a complex, ever-changing composition. We, the players, play life every day, change position, change perspective, relate ourselves to all the other elements of life, and influence them as they influence us. Life is therefore an infinite game that we play with all existing things in the universe, for all things are connected and will constantly change and influence each other. Or, to put it as light as possible: life is play. Infinite play.

Is there a link between the “composition of life” and the idea of composition in the arts? Can we deduct laws for harmonic compositions via scientific research? Marie collaborates with scientists, artists, interaction designers and the audience to find an answer to these questions. 

planet B events

Do you want to be part of the planet B mission? Keep an eye on our events. The upcoming months, we will host monthly expedition meetups and other events.

About planet B

Waag is developing planet B, a mission to recolonise planet Earth based on a narrative of DIY expeditions to a fictional planet. Planet B offers scientists, artists and citizens a 'greenfields' to develop symbolic and material responses to the social and ecological challenges facing us. It expresses an ethos and possible aesthetics for doing things right in the Anthropocene era.

If we can imagine a planet B that is sustainable and inclusive, what does that mean for our world, and our future here on planet Earth?

This event is made possible within the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, with support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.

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