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Psychedelic Feminine: Interactive textile installation (waiting list)

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With her project SŪF: Psychedelic Feminine, Shushanik Droshakiryan introduces innovative material of the future. At the centre is a seven-metre-long textile piece that responds to themes of mysticism, psychedelics and the feminine. Droshakiryan exploits the gap between visual and tactile perception during this interactive textile installation on Thursday 30 May, engaging the audience in a fascinating, multi-sensory journey. 
SŪF refers to 'sufis', or in Dutch 'Soefi's'. Historically, Sufis were mystics within Islam, characterised by spirituality, ritualism and asceticism (strict lifestyle). Women were banned from learning and practicing Sufi techniques (such as psychedelic Sufi dances where you spin around and fall down for hours). It is a controversial subject: the psychedelic nature of Sufi techniques, and therefore strictly forbidden to women. Such historical exclusion of women has never been justified. Why were women banned from practising Sufi techniques? 
Inspired by Armenian philosopher and mystic G. Gurdjieff's on psychedelic Sufi techniques, Droshakiryan aims this late afternoon to transform historically male-dominated Sufi narratives into a powerful narrative of the feminine.
The interactive installation invites visitors to experience the textiles, then write down their experiences. After the break, visitors' feedback will be shared anonymously during a talk with artist Shushanik Droshakiryan. There, she will tell the story behind the installation. Don't miss this opportunity to participate in the interactive textile installation at the intersection of innovative material research, human perception and female empowerment.


17:00 - 17:30 hrsOpening interactive textile installation
17:30 - 17:45 hrsBreak (drinks for sale)
17:45 - 18:45 hrsTalk + video screening

More about the artist

With a master's degree in fashion design from the Yerevan State Academy of Design, Droshakiryan's artistic journey has evolved from the classic forms of post-Soviet fashion design school to pioneering research at the intersection of innovative biomaterial research and fashion design. Imbued with the Armenian spirit and inspired by the Dutch innovative ethos, she is very passionate about redesigning the phenomenon of fashion.




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Due to her monumental state the Waag building does not have elevators. A gender neutral toilet is present on the first floor.