PublicSpaces Conference: The Time is NOW!

PublicSpaces is a coalition of more than 40 public organizations, including Koninklijke Bibliotheek, VPRO, and Waag, working together on a solution to their dependence on Big Tech. We look for an alternative that is not primarily driven by commercial interests, but that is based on public values, such as privacy, autonomy and transparency.

On 17 and 18 May 2022, PublicSpaces organises a conference at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam for all professionals, experts, politicians and policymakers who want to commit themselves to digital public values.

The Time is NOW!
The importance of fighting against disinformation and for sovereignty in the field of communication is greater than ever. Fortunately, we see that awareness is growing, as we now have a State Secretary for Digitisation, governments are limiting the power of Big Tech, and (open source) ethically responsible alternatives are increasingly being developed. Therefore, now is the time to unite and unleash a movement!

During the two conference days, you will hear about all the activities of PublicSpaces and the transition of the digital environment. A detailed overview of content and speakers will follow soon. A sneak peak of what is ahead:

  • Public organisations in various sectors present their experiences with the Digitale Spoelkeuken, a way to assess and clean up your stack of digital tools according to public values.

  • We jointly investigate the knowledge center made by the PublicSpaces coalition. What conclusions can be drawn about the supply and assessment of digital resources included in the knowledge center?

  • We present the status of the various projects that contribute to the digital transition, such as the PubHubs project by prof. dr. José van Dijck and prof. Bart Jacobs, the Proof of Provenance project and the Open Cultuurdata project.

  • We invite policymakers at national and local level to discuss what policy would contribute most to the joint ambition to achieve a cleaner internet.

  • There will be cross-sectoral and intra-sectoral consultation, from libraries to education, from European broadcasters to investors.

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