Smart Citizens Lab

Smart Citizen Kit evaluation

16-6-14 18:30 - 16-6-14 20:30
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

On 16 June 2014 we will evaluate the results of the Smart Citizen project with the participants and partners in the project. From April until June the participants in the Smart Citizen project in Amsterdam have measured the environment with a sensor kit developed at Fablab Barcelona. After three months we draw up the balance on our experiences, the measuring results and the usability of the affordable electronics.

About the Smart Citizen Kit

What are the real levels of air pollution around your home or business? And what about noise pollution? And humidity? Now imagine that you would have this information, and share it instantly and compare it with other places in your city, in real time. With the Smart Citizen Kit, this becomes possible.

The low-cost sensors in the kit, developed at Fab Lab Barcelona, measure two toxic gasses in the air (CO and NO²), the temperature & humidity, the light intensity and noise levels. With a suitable enclosure, the 1.1 version of the kit can be placed outdoors, near a window or 

This event is open for participants in the project.