ViennaOpen 2015

Waag once again participates in the ViennaOpen festival for Open Design, that will be held in Vienna (Austria) on 9 & 10 April 2015. Pieter van Boheemen of our Open Wetlab will present our activities and give a workshop.

A Festival for Open Design and an Open City
The fourth festival in a row, this year’s ViennaOpen puts an emphasis on OpenData, OpenDesign and OpenArchitecture. Another focus is placed on Otto Neurath and visual politics for smart citizens. This year’s festival is, like Otto Neurath 100 years ago, in search of the “Pleasure Maximum“. ViennaOpen covers recent collaborations and projects from the areas of cultural- and creative industries as well as hacktivism tactics and new critical theory.

Smart Citizen – OpenDesign & OpenArchitecture
Within the ViennaOpen Festival, the Vienna Smart Citizen Lab (VSCL) will be presented and opened. The VSCL is a self-empowerment and self-education lab for all. The Lab is a place where all participants work and search for new methods and tools (like sensors) to interact with the city and its citizen. Exploratory new approaches and new theories, like participatory design within the field of OpenDesign and OpenArchitecture, will be tested and evaluated.

The Festival is also a framework to explore and present new ways of social distribution of products and collaboration. Disruptive Innovation and OpenDesign are also an essential part of the program. Projects and practices from real life in the area of design, architecture and the maker movement will be presented and debated. All interested citizens will be welcomed to take part in discussions, lectures and workshops and help create smarter citizens.


Mobiles Stadtlabor, Vienna, Austria