Hackathon 16 juni 2012
Waag BY

Waag at Hack de Overheid hackathon

Hack de Overheid will organize hackathon in the Stopera in Amsterdam on June 29. And you will find Waag at the event with the CitySDK API, the Apps for Europe Business Lounge and the Apps for Amsterdam Startup Corner.

Apps for Amsterdam Start Up Corner
This year, Apps for Amsterdam focuses on getting Open Data apps on the market. Therefore, we will host a Start Up Corner for freelancers and developers who want to take the next step and start their own business:

  • Chamber of Commerce – all you need to know: What steps should you take when starting a business?
  • Strategic thinking: Need advice from a different angle? Chat with a strategic expert.
  • What about a logo? Discuss your ideas with our designer and your new logo might roll out!
  • Business Cards: Logo designed? Time for business cards!
  • Time for coffee: Ever important for informal meetings and networking, is the coffee machine. And if your there, why not share your new business cards!
  • Get to work: We will create a visualization of the best flex-working spaces in the area and we want to hear where you like to work.

Apps for Europe Business Lounge
Our European project Apps for Europe is looking for promising and successful entrepreneurs. Exclusively for this group, a Business Lounge is set up where you can meet Angel Investors, Business Incubators & Growth Accelerators. An opportunity to accelerate and the chance to claim a space later this year on the main stage of 'Apps for Europe'. Check out more information on the Business Lounge and see how you can join. 

Ever tried to develop an app based on several sources with Open Data, only to find out it is very difficult to combine them because they all have a different format? That’s where the CitySDK API comes in! Because of the international project CitySDK, several European cities are now able to open up their data in a uniform and easy manner. And whilst the Waag team was developing the toolkit, they were also working on the opening of new data in the fields of Participation, Mobility and Tourism. The CitySDK team will be a the hackathon to show you all the ins and outs of the API.


City Council of Amsterdam

Amstel 1

1011 PN Amsterdam


Saturday 29 June 2013
From 09.00 to 18.00




Stadsdeelkantoor Amsterdam (Stopera), Amstel 1, Amsterdam


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This project has received funding from Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme of the European Commission.