Waag at Llowlab 2012

This year Waag will be present at Llowlab during the Lowlands Festival in Biddinghuizen. On this artificial island visitors can experience science, sustainability and innovation.

Consume for FairPhone
Every festival-goer knows them, the people at a concert that collect empty plastic cups from the ground. But in fact they are pretty smart, because this year, FairPhone will make cool phone covers from those empty glasses.

In cooperation with TU Delft we have put up a unique production line especially for the festival. Your empty bioplastic cups will be melted into wire and with a 3D printer, we will shape them into phone covers. By doing this, we want to show you that creative reuse of products at the local level is possible. This is important because it means that your consumer behavior has direct influence.

FairPhone does not talk about consuming less, we ask you to consume more! Beer that is. Because the sooner your glass is empty, the sooner you have a shot at getting a unique FairPhone sleeve!

In cooperation with the PLA lab of TU Delft.


Walibi Holland, Spijkweg 30, 8256 RJ, Biddinghuizen