Waag Open

Waag Open: A deep dive into the TextileLab (sold out)

Are you interested in learning how to spin your own wool yarns, how to biofabricate your own material or how to dye with bacteria? Come to Waag Open and have a look behind the scenes of our TextileLab! We welcome you to this Waag Open to showcase the research our TextileLab is currently working on. 

19:15 - 19:30 hrs - Doors Open
19:30 - 19:50 hrs - TextileLab Amsterdam presentation
19:50 - 20:05 hrs - Fabricademy showcase
20:05 - 21:15 hrs - Shemakes hands-on workshop : Make your own drop spindle and learn how to spin wool into yarn
21:15 - 21:30 hrs - Ending

Shemakes hands-on workshop

During the hands-on workshop, you learn how to build your own drop spindle. We will also spin some of the wool we have naturally dyed in the lab. 

Part of the on-going TextileLab’s research, Shemakes project has a goal to empower future female innovators of the sustainable fashion industry through inspiration, skills and networks. But we would like to stress that all genders are welcome to join this workshop. One of the initiatives coming from Shemakes, is a multi-faceted research into the Wool Ecosystem, from the sheep and people working with them to the tools and methods used in order to process wool into the clothing we use. Take a look at this topic.

About the instructor
Beatriz Sandini is a designer and concept developer at Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam. In April 2020, she graduated from the Fabricademy course at Waag with her own research project Ephemeral Fashion Lab. Since 2020, she has followed the path of a researcher and educator inside TextileLab Amsterdam, becoming part of the Fabricademy’s local team of instructors.

Wool Mondays day 3
In the Wool Mondays series, TextileLab researched within the Shemakes projects the many facets of wool production 

About TextileLab Amsterdam

Waag’s TextileLab Amsterdam is a lab for fashion, textile and material designers, researchers, artists, engineers and creatives is interested in exploring the future of the textile and clothing industry. We experiment with knowledge coming from craftsmanship, heritage, technology, digital fabrication and bio-technology. We believe in collaboration, transparency, process, collective intelligence and knowledge sharing, in order to push the boundaries of the textile and clothing industry. 

Fabricademy – Textile and Technology Academy

TextileLab runs Fabricademy, a yearly Textile and Technology Academy. It’s a 6 month intensive program that runs in laboratories all over the world, exploring the interrelation of human-technology-environment. This year starts in September 2022.

Our mission is to (re)shape and (re)define the implications and applications of technology in the textile and clothing industry, from the fashion sector to the upcoming wearable market. Participants will have the chance to see some outcomes from previous years during a tour in the lab’s facilities. 

Read more about Fabricademy or register straight away.

Because the Waag building is a protected monumental building, it unfortunately doesn't have an elevator. The TextileLab is on the second floor, of which the second stairs are steep.




5 euros