Waag Open: Future Collider workshop by artist Tomo Kihara

A city in 2070: what does it look like? Designer Tomo Kihara returns to Waag on Thursday 5 May for his Future Collider workshop. Together, you will create an augmented reality installation, using signage and road signs as a medium to connect to the future, the present and the past of the city.


Future Collider

Imagining a world we are not yet living in, is hard. Before the worldwide pandemic hit, we could not have imagined a future in which signs in the streets would order us to wear masks and keep our distance. Signage in the city: it instigates our desires by using advertisements, and confines us both socially and spatially by the use of warnings.

Future Collider was developed by Tomo Kihara. His project allows us to virtually transform the city, for example by the use of signage that could exist in the future in shops or in public space. In this workshop, you will be challenged to design signage based on various future scenarios. You will add them to the city as a virtual layer.

When: Thursday 5 May, 19:30-21:30 hrs
Where: Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4 in Amsterdam



19:15 - 19:30 hrs - walk in
19:30 - 19:45 hrs - introduction by Tomo Kihara
19:45 - 21:30 hrs - workshop

Extra information

  • The doors open at 19:00 hrs
  • A ticket costs 5 euro including a drink
  • English will be spoken during this event
Sunken: beeld uit Future Collider

Waag Open

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