Waag Open: Blijf je AR-bril de baas
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Waag Open: stay in control of your AR glasses (cancelled)

Unfortunately, this workshop has been cancelled.

Not so long ago, glasses with Virtual or Augmented Reality technology only belonged in science fiction films. Glasses that let you see something extra when you look at the world, or that show you a completely different world. Since the launch of the Quest3 and the Apple Vision Pro, this technology has become reality and our physical and virtual worlds are increasingly merging. How can we create our own conditions for Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR glasses literally determine how you look at the world. Inside the glasses is a camera that constantly records what is happening in our environment. These are not video recordings, but images interpreted through artificial intelligence. Based on this data, together with your personal profile and calendar data from the cloud, notifications, suggestions and tasks are then shown to you. But how is it determined what is relevant and when?

We better not leave this assessment to artificial intelligence. In this interactive workshop by AR artist Sander Veenhof, you will design your own conditions for different scenarios in which AR glasses are used. Using a series of concrete real-life situations, we will unravel when AR glasses are allowed to intervene or to show initiative. 'If < X > provided < Y > except < Z > unless < W > or < U >'.

Join us at Waag Open on Thursday 6 June and incorporate your preferences, requirements, wishes and exceptions into a file of configuration settings about yourself. If the era of 24/7 AR glasses ever really dawns, you will already know what to tell your glasses!

About Sander Veenhof

Sander Veenhof loves to spend time in semi-digital worlds. Programmable environments in particularly. Although his curiosity relates to a far-away future society in which we all live in a mixed reality universe, his art practice is hands-on and situated in the present. His present. Thanks to AR he is able to stage his own speculative real life versions of an imaginary universe, and live in it. By doing so he is able explore new (tech) domains from the inside out, with a focus on what it is like to become a semi-digital being enhanced with new super powers but limited by new boundaries too. Veenhof started creating cross-reality projects a decade ago in the avatar world Second Life, then moved on to AR and last year his playground was our Zoom reality. 

Waag Open

Every first Thursday evening of the month, Waag opens its doors! We organise various workshops and present collaborations between scientists, designers and artists. All Waag Open programmes can be attended by anyone and everyone. Waag Open takes place in the making spaces on the first and second floors of the historic Waag building on Nieuwmarkt.


As the Waag building is a listed building, it is unfortunately not equipped with a lift. This event will take place in the Makersguild on the first floor of the Waag building.

If you are tight on funds and would like to participate in this event, please contact tanja [@] waag [dot] org.




7,50 (including 1 drink)




Nieuwmarkt 4
1012CR Amsterdam

Due to her monumental state the Waag building does not have elevators. A gender neutral toilet is present on the first floor.