Laurie Skelton

  • Designer / editor
    Laurie Skelton

    Laurie is a designer and editor working for Waag's interface team. She designs for both the web and print, develops branding for projects, creates artwork for publications, and writes and edits English content.

    Laurie has done branding and web work for projects like Code for NL, Trust Me I'm an Artist, Pet Shop, Textile & Clothing Business Labs, DIY Antibiotica, Beta-lab, and the Do-it-Together Science Bus. Her illustrations appear in the Start a Movement workbook, Hacking Culture: a how-to guide for hackathons in the cultural sector, and throughout the Do-it-Together Science Bus project.

    Laurie graduated with a BA in English and Liberal Arts from the University of Alabama (summa cum laude), and an MSc in Interactive Media (first class honours) from the University of Limerick. Once, she gave a hula-hooping workshop in Fablab Amsterdam.


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