CATRIN is working on the responsible internet, a new security-by-design concept that offers a higher level of trust and sovereignty. It achieves this by turning the internet infrastructure from a black box into a transparant box, allowing inspection and verification of how network operators organise their infrastructure, how they change it and how they handle data flows and communication. 

The responsible internet is the next step in the evolution of internet design. It expands the range of actions available to parties to share information securely and confidentially. This helps societies protect their public values of trust and security, strengthen their own digital distinctiveness and move more services to the internet.

In a series of workshops, Waag is working on a measuring stick to evaluate business models working towards a new internet. Waag investigates to what extent prototypes of the responsible internet align with public values.

Waag shares the results of these measurements with the public through various public events. Here, citizens will be involved in answering critical questions about a 'controllable' internet.