Tom Demeyer

Tom DemeyerChief Technology Officer

Tom Demeyer is Chief Technology Officer at Waag. In 1998, he started at Waag as a senior developer of real-time audiovisual software, something he already worked on at STEIM since 1987. Applications like BigEye and Image/ine, but also hardware sensor interfaces like Sensorlab, were at the cradle of real-time computer technology in the performing arts.

Tom is an expert in the areas of data analysis and data ethics, privacy and security enhancing technologies, and the semantic web. With the City of Amsterdam and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he works- and thinks along about digital identity services.

Closed projects


MicroDonor Grant for the Web
Future Internet Lab
Healthy internet isn't free. Waag is researching a method for micro-donation to open, fair and inclusive online tools and services.

Code for Children's Rights

Code voor kinderrechten, Waag, 2020
Future Internet Lab
Waag works together with Leiden University to create a Code for children's rights, creating a safer digital environment for children.

Public Stack: the alternative internet

Public Stack visual
Future Internet Lab
The internet is broken, but alternatives are available. We call the collection of these open, fair and safe alternatives the Public Stack.

Algorithms: practical guidelines

Brein AI visual
Future Internet Lab
The government is working on a framework for the use of algorithms. Waag investigates how this framework works in practice. Does it ask relevant questions? Can decisions be explained? Is it clear what the impact and responsibilities are?

AI for Society

AI Culture Lab binary code visual
With AI for Society, Waag wants to contribute to a safe, humane and democratic implementation of AI, in which the interests of citizens are central.

SySTEM 2020

SySTEM 2020 learning outside the classroom
Maker Education Lab
The SySTEM 2020 project is aimed at connecting STEAM learning outside the classroom.

Digital Democracy Lab

Proeftuin digitale democratie
Future Internet Lab
In the Digital Democracy Lab, the possibilities for strengthening democracy are investigated by applying new digital participation tools to Dutch municipalities.

Digital Identity Lab

Digitale Identiteit visual
Future Internet Lab
The Digital Identity Lab looked for new ideas, concepts and concrete tools that can include a reliable and secure digital identity.

Amsterdam Sounds

Amsterdam Sounds project
Smart Citizens Lab
Making cooperative tools for civic participation and citizen science in the field of noise pollution.


DECODE Amsterdam
Future Internet Lab
DECODE develops practical alternatives through the creation, evaluation and demonstration of a distributed and open architecture for managing online identity, personal and other data, and collective governance in a citizen-friendly and privacy-aware fashion.

Archive lab: Bootcamps

Future Heritage Lab
In collaboration with the National Archive/Progamme Archive 2020 and Utrecht University, Waag organized two multidisciplinary bootcamps to explore the future of the archives sector.


Amsterdam waters aerial view
Smart Citizens Lab
The Amsterdecks project aims to offer insights in the water quality and the accessibility of the public waters of Amsterdam for its citizens and visitors.

Masterclass Netpolitics

Open data congres Eindhoven
Future Internet Lab
Bits of Freedom, Waag, Netwerk Democratie, Open State Foundation and Kennisland organise a Masterclass Net Politics .