Danny Lammerhirt door Jimena Gauna

Danny LämmerhirtResearch Fellow

Danny Lämmerhirt is a research fellow with Waag, working on the Shared Smart City project with the Smart Citizens Lab. His research investigates how data infrastructures can be designed to align with different public interests, and the governance of participatory data practices. He is especially interested how participation may shift what counts as expertise and authoritative knowledge. 

Danny is also research associate at TU Dortmund, where he studies ethnographically how the doctor-patient-relationship changes when patients collect their own biomedical data. His doctoral thesis investigates health data platforms for data donations and how they manage data sourcing along different (possibly conflicting) epistemic, ethical, and economic questions. 

He holds a masters' degree in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. In the past, Danny has led the research department at the Open Knowledge Foundation and has conducted research for United Nations Foundation, the World Wide Web Foundation, CIVICUS Alliance and the Hewlett Foundation.