The Cinegrid Studio was temporarily established at the Waag in Amsterdam as a space for the production, transfer and viewing of 4K audiovisual material. CineGrid enables the production, distribution and screening of image and sound of unprecedented quality. The image is at least four times sharper than HDTV; the sound is uncompressed and pure. This makes watching movies, gaming and video conferencing a special and intense experience. You can see nuances that are normally invisible to the naked eye, the image is crystal clear and the sound is audible through a maximum of sixteen channels.

At the Cinegrid Studio, regular workshops and viewings of 4K material were organized, and the Studio was open to the public on a weekly basis.

CineGrid Amsterdam was developed by Waag, SURFnet, SARA and the UvA, in cooperation with a large number of public and private organisations. CineGrid is part of a worldwide network in which high quality digital content is developed, distributed and demonstrated.

CineGrid Studio was made possible by the European Fund for Regional Development, the Dutch programme Pieken in de Delta, province Noord-Holland and the City of Amsterdam.

Project duration

20 Apr 2011 - 30 Dec 2012




  • Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Provincie Noord-Holland
  • Pieken in de Delta
  • EFRO