Smart society cases is a research project commissioned by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG). By means of eight case descriptions, we sketch a picture of the dilemmas that digitisation entails within public administration and the effect this has on society.

Digital technology has penetrated the fibers of society and raises issues in various policy areas. Digitisation brings opportunities for more efficient and efficient management, but the practice is also unmanageable. As many successful solutions as have been developed, so many projects have also been missed - with all the costly consequences that entails.

Moreover, new questions arise: under what circumstances, for example, is a highly digitised society still democratic and secure? What are the public values ​​that must lie under technological development? Privacy and (data) security are known issues, but it is also about controlling and about who we actually want to be.

Project duration

1 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2019




  • Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (VNG)