SUSHI is an interactive app for educational support of the theater programme Revolutions of Het Nationale Theater. Prior to the performance, students will use SUSHI to be able to experience the performance well prepared.

From 21 February to 14 April 2019, the National Theater will play Revolutions, a nerve-racking science fiction thriller, situated in a dystopian future. "About control and power. Mass surveillance and media dominance. About courage, and fighting skills and everything that is needed to overthrow power and start a new world." (Source:

For the educational support of this performance, Waag is developing a mysterious new 'experience' app: SUSHI. This app talks to you, tempts you and gives you assignments. SUSHI encourages you to do new things and stimulates social experimentation. SUSHI is your buddy, but it can also be manipulated. In line with the performance, the app will enable young people to explore the themes of online surveillance, power, control, privacy and free will.

About Revolutions

"The future. There is no more prime minister, but a CEO. Everyone has their own personal hologram assistant and more streams and experiences than he can wish for. We are happier than ever. They say." (Source:

Privacy statement app HNT SUSHI

SUSHI was developed by Waag in collaboration with the National Theater. Waag handles your personal data carefully and adheres to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SUSHI does not collect personal data from users. User data is stored securely, not shared with third parties and removed after the show for which the app was developed (Revolutions).

Project duration

1 Jun 2018 - 10 Mar 2019




  • Het Nationale Theater