Dick van Dijk

Dick van DijkCreative Director & Head of Learn Programme

Dick van Dijk was creative director and head of Learn programme (Future Heritage Lab, Maker Education Lab and Co-creation Lab) at Waag. Part of his role was the development of interactive concepts for the museum and heritage sector, using design research and user involvement.

Before Dick worked as a concept developer and lead of the Future Heritage Lab at Waag, focusing on many cultural heritage projects. He was a lecturer in the fields of storytelling, interaction design, co-creation and playful learning. Also, Dick co-authored several publications on social interconnectedness and the book 'Connect, Design for an Emphatic Society' on age-driven design.

Dick studied Business Economics and Art History. Next to his work at Waag, he was part of the Fontys Media Lectorate/Fontys FutureMediaLab, and he is a visual artist.

Closed projects

Maritime Make Lab

FabSchool/Maritiem maaklab
Maker Education Lab
An education programme for the 'Maakplaatsen' (or maker spaces) in the OBA (Public Libraries of Amsterdam), based on the digital heritage collection of the Maritime Museum.

Mixed Reality for heritage

Fotoverslag: processie garage Kempering “The Last Nine Days Of Garage Kempering”
Future Heritage Lab
In the Mixed Reality project, Waag is researching the use of MR and how it can contribute to the experience of a heritage location.

Hackathon de groene stad

campagnebeeld hdgs
Future Internet Lab
In het project hackathon groene steden komen initiatieven bijeen die zich focussen op het vergroenen van steden. Waag organiseert vier groen-expedities en een hackathon.

Dynamic Documentation

Emotienetwerken Dynamisch Documenteren
Future Heritage Lab
Waag works together with Imagine IC to create a new tool for a dynamic approach to cultural heritage.

Future Lab (Open) education

Future Lab (Open) Onderwijs
Creative Learning Lab
In this project, we are developing a vision for the future of (open) digital learning materials on behalf of SURF.


Een man weeft jacquard in het Haus der Seidenkultur
Future Heritage Lab
In Mingei 9 European partners collaborated to digitise and unlock the (in)tangible aspect of crafts.


Creative Learning Lab
SUSHI is an interactive app for educational support of the theater programme Revolutions of Het Nationale Theater.

Mixed Reality @ Oude Kerk

Oude Kerk
Future Heritage Lab
This project was a collaboration between Waag and Oude Kerk with the aim to research the applications of mixed reality technology.

Heritage & emotion networks

Future Heritage Lab
The project ErEmEd researches motion networks on heritage in educational settings.

Co-creation navigator

Co-creation navigator map
Co-creation Lab
Co-creation is a powerful way to deal with 'wicked problems' and innovate your professional practice.

Mobile app for medieval imagery

meSch tools
Digital Curation Lab
Together with the CKD Waag developed a mobile app to make stories about mediaeval choir stalls more accessible.

Hortus Chat app

Hortus Chat app
Future Heritage Lab
Hortus Chat is a smartphone application for visitors to engage in a dialogue with plants.

The Digital City revives

DDS Avatars
Future Heritage Lab
We aren’t doing enough to preserve our digital lives for the future, so we lose crucial information.


Big Picnic
Co-creation Lab
Within the BigPicnic project, 18 European partners worked together to bring 'food security' to the attention of their city's citizens.

Archive lab: Bootcamps

Future Heritage Lab
In collaboration with the National Archive/Progamme Archive 2020 and Utrecht University, Waag organized two multidisciplinary bootcamps to explore the future of the archives sector.