Dick van Dijk

Dick van DijkCreative Director & Head of Learn Programme

Dick van Dijk was creative director and head of Learn programme (Future Heritage Lab, Maker Education Lab and Co-creation Lab) at Waag. Part of his role was the development of interactive concepts for the museum and heritage sector, using design research and user involvement.

Before Dick worked as a concept developer and lead of the Future Heritage Lab at Waag, focusing on many cultural heritage projects. He was a lecturer in the fields of storytelling, interaction design, co-creation and playful learning. Also, Dick co-authored several publications on social interconnectedness and the book 'Connect, Design for an Emphatic Society' on age-driven design.

Dick studied Business Economics and Art History. Next to his work at Waag, he was part of the Fontys Media Lectorate/Fontys FutureMediaLab, and he is a visual artist.