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WearPure is a material research project which aims to explore how we can create new materials that actively purify the environment around us from CO2 emissions.

WearPure aims to create and explore the potential of "active materials" for the textiles and fashion industry. Focusing on materials that actively purify the environment around us, while being embedded into textiles and more specifically, into garments.

WearPure is a project in which Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam collaborates with Noumena and PrimLab to implement the co2pure product of PrimLab, into 3D printing filament for 3D printing on textiles.

The technique developed offers numerous opportunities for implementation in various fields and industries, the first prototype is a cotton menswear coat with 3D printed patterns that channels and purifies the air surrounding the wearer.

Waag designed the garment itself, created a measuring chamber complete of sensors and analysed the data.