Miha Tursic

Miha TuršičProject Developer

Miha Turšič is project developer for the Open Wetlab at Waag. He works on international collaboration and the initiation of projects touching on the themes of art-science, biotechnology, digital fabrication, open source hardware, ecology, space culture and material research. He is closely involved with the planet B narrative and he is the founder of Open Space Lab within Waag.

Miha works with the partners in the European S+T+ARTS collaboration, operating on the crossings of science, technology and the arts, where he focuses on methodology for collaborative innovation. He was involved in a number of leading Waag projects such as OpenNext, promoting concern-driven innovation through open source hardware, and Surpre:organism, focusing on new space narratives.

Miha studied Industrial Design at the University of Ljubljana. He is co-founder of Asobi Design Studio and KSEVT, the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies. Nowadays, KSEVT is developing a cultural space programme, enabling the understanding of art, culture and humanities in outer space. In collaboration with both space and cultural organisations, KSEVT produced cultural programmes on the International Space Station, introduced space architecture to the biennial of Venice, and presented Voyager instruments to the public for the first time in history. Miha is also founder and part of the Postgravityart group, which produced the very first theatre production in zero gravity and works on the 50-year performance project Noordung 1995-2045.

Closed projects

Planten voor de toekomst
Open Wetlab

Smart Hybrid Forms

Addressing ecological challenges by blurring the lines between biology and technology: together with artists, we are working on Smart Hybrid Forms.
Samira Boon

LABS: Future Interiors

LABS: Future Interiors aims to take the first step towards the creation of a living interior piece. A collaboration between Studio Samira Boon, Waag and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
Supre:organism Open Call


With Supre:organism, Waag sets out to establish a contemporary artistic understanding of life in outer space.
Sentinel Citizen. (c) Copernicus, CAMS.
Smart Citizens Lab

Sentinel Citizen

Sentinel Citizen connects air quality data generated by citizen measurements of the project Hollandse Luchten, with data from satellites of the European Space Agency.


WearPure is material research project that explores how we can create new materials that actively purify the environment from CO2.
FEAT-Parting the waves

European ARTificial Intelligence Lab

The European ARTificial Intelligence Lab brings AI related scientific and technological topics to general citizens and art audiences.
Astronomy in Deep Space 8K
Open Wetlab

Human outer space activities

Can we learn about ourselves by studying outer space? The further we go, the more we get confronted with the unknown of ourselves.
Gene.coop at DDW 2017
Open Wetlab

Gene coop

DNA is the most personal data available. Where is your DNA stored? And with whom do you want to share it? We believe citizens should remain owners of their genetic data.