Cecilia Raspanti

Cecilia RaspantiLead TextileLab

Cecilia Raspanti is co-founder and lab lead of Waag's TextileLab Amsterdam. She is a creative researcher in fashion and textiles, and a digital fabrication expert. With the TextileLab, she leads the creative research and technological development of new concepts and alternatives for the textile and clothing industry.

Cecilia is co-founder, developer and teacher of the educational worldwide distributed programme Fabricademy: Textile and Technology Academy. She studied fashion design and knitwear at the Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence.

Experienced in fashion, knitwear and textiles production, Cecilia focuses on translating traditional craftsmanship into digital fabrication opportunities. Alternative production processes facilitate the access of these technologies to a broader public. Always inspired by human’s relation and connection to nature and technology, her latest works involve the use of biotechnology and chemistry principles, to rediscover colour and material properties.