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Yesterday's Register 2

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Register van de Dag van Gister (Yesterday's Register) was an enticing storytelling project for senior citizens, with a physical and virtual component. The project mixed the classical way of storytelling with others forms of digital content. Armed with the experiences of the earlier project in 2004, Register 2 was developed further and introduced on a larger scale by partners Kunstgebouw, Probiblio, Waag and Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland (Cultural Heritage province North Holland).

In the Register project, seniors told their personal stories to the Story cabinet, an accessible, travelling piece of furniture, equipped with modern media tools. At the website that came with the project, participants could discover new stories, that could be commented on. In cooperation with schools, and educational programme was developed. This interaction made Yesterday's Register an inspiring project for all generations to contribute to.

Waag developed a new prototype of the Story Cabinet, placed at seven libraries. ProBiblio worked on the accompanying library programme. Together with teachers, Kunstgebouw and Cultureel Erfgoed Noord-Holland started an educational programme involving the Register.

The Register project was made possible by a financial contribution by VSB, RCOAK, Province of South Holland, Province of North Holland and contributions of the partners.