Rosalie Bak alternatieve foto

Rosalie Bak
Urban Ecology Lab Lead

Rosalie Bak is the lead of Waag's Urban Ecology Lab. Her main interest lies with the relationship between humans and their surroundings. She tries to make the living city tangible and understandable through her experiences as a designer of bio based materials and as an artist.

Within the Urban Ecology Lab (in development), Rosalie works with artists, residents, scientists and urban developers on questioning, designing and growing a biodiverse city. In this city, various forms and shapes of life work and live together. City making takes place in collaboration with more-than-human life. Within the European T-Factor project, she works on the methods of fieldnoting, the art of noticing and co-creation with living entities.

Next to her work at Waag, Rosalie is studying haptonomy. She likes to create collages and teaches guest lectures from her Studio Rosalie Bak.