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(Algorithmic) Fairness

While we have a critical tradition to consider the possible presence of injustice in human-driven processes, and sometimes their impenetrability (Kafka's The Trial), automatic processes might evoke an image of exactness and neutrality, due to the fact that algorithms are based on logic and deterministic rules. As a consequence, algorithms enjoy an aura of impartiality and accuracy that might lead to a lack of questioning of their functioning in terms of their outcomes and effects in society.

In his paper, Stefano Bocconi researches how we can make systems fairer, and what that term means in the context of algorithms. 

Download the essay (pdf). 

The essay is written as part of the AI Culture Lab, in which a multidisciplinary group of artists, scientists, (expert) citizens and entrepreneurs to share ideas, pursue research and foster new, civic applications that explore the role and potential of AI.