Stefano Bocconi

Stefano BocconiSoftware developer

Stefano Bocconi works as software developer at Waag and is interested in all technologies relevant to society, especially regarding privacy and citizen public participation, with a particular interest in artificial intelligence, data analysis and decentralised systems.

His motivation to work at Waag is the possibility to study and apply technology to tackle societal issues and increase the capability of each citizen to fully participate in democracy. He is also interested in using technology to realise artistic projects.

Stefano has worked as a researcher in computer science in the Netherlands at TU Delft, VU University Amsterdam, and Elsevier and in Italy at the University of Turin. He has worked as software engineer at Lucent Technologies and other companies.

He obtained his PhD “Automatic Generation of Video Documentaries" at CWI, Amsterdam in 2005, and has a master degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florence, Italy. Beside work, Stefano is active in several art projects as musician.