BioHack Academy 2 opening class

The second edition of the BioHack Academy has began: brave biohackers from all over the world are taking part in this exciting project, that will teach them how to build their own cheap and open source biolab in Do-It-Together/Hands-On-Knowledge style, and start growing superfood, fuel, fabrics, natural pigments and much more bio-stuff. 

Since the previous edition was a success, we feel confident in saying that the second one will be even better. The design of the old prototypes has been improved, and the Open Wetlab recently gained the permission to do genetic engineering: everything is ready to take off!

The resident class counts 15 attendants but the project is running in the same time in Netherlands, Iran, Virginia and New Mexico (U.S.). All the participants will be guided into the principles of digital fabrication, creative biotechnology and hacking mindset, in order to develop their personal project and get graduated as biohackers. We are looking forward to seeing how people with such different backgrounds will learn how to cooperate and share their knowledge, putting together biology, electronics, coding and design in order to create something new.

The BHA #2 team (Pieter, Anthony and Michele) wishes all the participants a great start, and good luck with the individual projects.

By: Michele Cacciapuoti, intern

BioHAck Academy equipment



Pieter van Boheemen