Smart Citizen met Alphasense

Citizen Sensing article in Journal of Sensing

The open access Journal of Sensors has published a research paper called 'Citizen Sensing for Improved Urban Environmental Monitoring'. In this paper, the results from our Amsterdam Smart Citizens Lab from 2015 are incorporated, especially of the group concerned with air quality.

Interesting are the results of the measurements with the 'DIY' Alphasense NO2 sensor, in which measurements at Waag (Nieuwmarkt) are compared with two other 'official' locations in Amsterdam: Oude Schans and Overtoom. The concentrations show a roughly similar pattern in time as the official measuring stations do.

The article is available under a CC license in multiple forms. It was writtten by a team of people from Wageningen University, AMS, RIVM and Waag.

Download a full text copy (pdf)

Qijun Jiang, Frank Kresin, Arnold K. Bregt, et al., “Citizen Sensing for Improved Urban Environmental Monitoring,” Journal of Sensors, vol. 2016, Article ID 5656245, 9 pages, 2016. doi:10.1155/2016/5656245